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  • About

    What is Wish Knot®?

    Wish Knot® ribbons are good luck charms. Wrap a Wish Knot® ribbon around your wrist, tie 3 knots & make a wish with every Knot! Backpack, hair and locker too, when your Wish Knot® ribbon wears off, your wishes will come true.

    Wish Knot®!

  • History

    Wish Knot® ribbons come from the ancient Brazilian legend with a modern twist. According to the legend, each knot you tie is good for 1 wish.

  • Colors

    Wish Knot® ribbons come in different designs and sayings and in seven colors. Each color has its own meaning:

    love, strength, energy, determination, desire, courage
    optimism, happiness, energy, vitality
    optimism, calm, relaxation
    peace, stability, health
    love, affection, hope
    power, elegance

    So you can choose your ribbon based on the design or color of your choice.

  • How to

    Wish Knot® ribbons are typically tied around the wrist with three knots. Make a wish with each knot you tie. Be creative and tie some Wish Knot® ribbons on your bike, backpack, hair, or anywhere.

    Wish Knot® ribbons are great gifts, creating positive energy for all. They are also perfect for goodie bags and fundraising events.

    Wish Knot® ribbons inspire you to have positive thoughts as you make your good wishes.

    So wait no more: Look, Pick, Tie and Wish. Collect, trade and give them to your friends.

    And remember, Make a wish with every knot – Wish Knot®!